On Ratzinger’s prayer

According to this BBC news report acouple of days ago, Ratzinger didn’t want to be pope:

“Benedict prayed ‘not to be Pope’ Bishops queue to shake hands with Pope Benedict XVI during his audience with German pilgrims The Pope has been holding the first audiences of his papacy Pope Benedict XVI has revealed at an audience with pilgrims that he prayed to God during conclave to spare him the “destiny” of becoming Pope. He had thought that at 78 his “life’s work was finished and I was expecting quieter years,” he said. “Evidently, this time [God] didn’t listen to me.”

A friend of mine immediately quibbed: “He didn’t listen to me either!”

Having said that, perhaps one ought to give the man a few months to repent. After all, Oscar Romero was known as an arch-conservative before he was made archbishop, and he turned out to be one of the church’s greatest prophets.

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