Media vita in morte kers umb media morte in vita sumus

“Yes, it is possible to teach ‘life’. However, teaching, then, means nothing but offering space to the gospel, which promises full life in the midst of death. “In the midst of life, we belong to death; turn it around: in the midst of death, we belong to life. Thus believes, thus speaks the Christian.” That is what Gerhard Ebeling learnt from Luther.”

“Ja, Leben ist lehrbar. Lehren heisst dann allerdings nichts anderes, als dem Evangelium Raum geben, das sogar mitten im Tode ‘eitel Leben’ verheisst. ‘Media vita in morte kers umb media morte in vita sumus. So glaubt, so spricht der Christ.’ So hat es Gerhard Ebeling bei Luther gelernt. ”

(Eberhard Jüngel’s obituary for Gerhard Ebeling in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung;

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