Free online journals

1 Collections

  • JSTOR is a huge online collection of journals. There is free access (requiring individual, free registration) to their ‘early’ content, meaning journal content “published prior to 1923 in the United States and prior to 1870 elsewhere”: Early Journal Content on JSTOR
  • For those who read German and are interested in Jewish history and theology, there is a massive list of 19th and early 20th century Jewish journals at this site: An extraordinary resource.

2 Individual Journals

There is free journal access to all or some (often substantial) parts of the following journals. If the journal is a print journal in the first instance, content often does not include the latest volumes. The list cover theology, religious studies, and some neighbouring disciplines. The focus of the list is on journals that primarily publish articles in the English language; some journals using mainly French, German, Spanish and Portuguese are also included. Journals added (or edited / updated) after 21 February 2014 carry a date stamp.

  1. ‘Atiqot (added 22 February 2014)
  2. Acta Theologica (alternative website)
  3. Affirmation & Critique
  4. Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology (AJET) (added 22 February 2014)
  5. Alpha: Studies in Early Christianity
  6. American Theological Inquiry
  7. Âncora: Revista Digital de Estudos em Religião
  8. Andrews University Seminary Studies; alternative site with different volume coverage
  9. Animus
  10. Annuaire de l’École pratique des haut des études, section des sciences religieuses (recent issues; 19th century issues at
  11. Antigüedad y Cristianismo
  12. Anuario de Historia de la Iglesia
  13. Anvil (contents and a few samples)
  14. Archives des sciences sociales des religions (for older volumes, see
  15. Ars Disputandi
  16. Artistic Theologian (added 22 March 2014)
  17. Arys: Antigüedad, Religiones y Sociedades (added 31 Mach 2014)
  18. Asbury Journal (added 22 February 2014)
  19. Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies (also at this alternative site)
  20. Asociación de Biblistas Mexicanos (technically not a journal, but a record of papers given at annual conferences)
  21. Australasian Pentecostal Studies (link changed, 4 May 2016)
  22. Australian Biblical Review (contents only); alternative site with contents and samples
  23. Australian eJournal of Theology
  24. Australian Journal of Biblical Archaeology (short-lived and now outdated, but perhaps of historical interest)
  25. BABELAO: Electronic Journal for Ancient and Oriental Studies
  26. Baptist Quarterly
  27. Baptist Review of Theology
  28. Bible & Critical Theory
  29. Bible in Transmission (added 16 March 2014)
  30. Bible Translator
  31. Biblica
  32. Biblical and Ancient Greek Linguistics (added 21 December 2014)
  33. Bibliotheca Sacra
  34. Binah (journal of Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association, Jamaica Theological Seminary and Caribbean Graduate School of Theology)
  35. Boleswa Journal of Theology Religion and Philosophy
  36. Boleswa Occasional Papers in Theology and Religion
  37. Bryn Mawr Classical Review
  38. Bulletin de Correspondance Hellenique and at
  39. Bulletin du Centre de recherche français de Jérusalem
  40. Bulletin for Biblical Research; alternative site
  41. Bulletin for Old Testament Studies in Africa (1996-2006), continued as BOTSA Electronic Forum
  42. Bulletin for Contextual Theology in Southern Africa [1994-1997]
  43. Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists
  44. Bulletin of the Evangelical Theological Society [after 1968: Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society; see below]
  45. Bulletin of the Jewish Palestine Exploration Society
  46. Bulletin of the John Rylands Library (of Manchester); samples and contents; there is better coverage on the Manchester University site, but with an awkward interface)
  47. Bulletin of the Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan
  48. Cahiers des Études Anciennes
  49. Cahiers d’Études du Religieux
  50. Cahiers Mondes Anciens
  51. Cambridge Papers
  52. Caminhando
  53. Canadian Journal of Orthodox Christianity (added 22 March 2014)
  54. Caribean Journal of Evangelical Theology
  55. Catholic Education (added 22 March 2014)
  56. Christian Ethics Today
  57. Christian Perspectives on Science and Technology
  58. Christian Reflection: A Series in Faith and Ethics
  59. Ciberteologia: Revista de Teologia & Cultura
  60. Claremont Journal of Religion (added 26 March 2014)
  61. Collegium Biblicum Årsskrift (added 2 February 2016)
  62. Colloque: Journal of the Irish Province of the Congregation of the Mission
  63. Colloquium: the Australian and New Zealand Theological Review
  64. Communio Viatorum
  65. Concordia Journal (added 22 March 2014)
  66. Conspectus: The Journal of the South African Theological Seminary
  67. Contagion: Journal of Violence, Mimesis, and Culture
  68. Contemporary Church History Quarterly (added 22 March 2014)
  69. Cross Currents (added 22 March 2014)
  70. CTC Bulletin (added 31 December 2016)
  71. Cyberjournal for Pentecostal-Charismatic Research
  72. DavarLogos [Facultad de Teología, Universidad Adventista del Plata]
  73. Denver Journal: An Online Review of Current Biblical and Theological Studies [i.e. book reviews]
  74. Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal
  75. Didache: Faithful Teaching
  76. Direction
  77. Discourse: Learning and Teaching in Philosophical and Religious Studies
  78. Diskus: The Journal of the British Association for the Study of Religions
  79. East Asian Pastoral Review
  80. Ecumenical Review
  81. Edições Anteriores
  82. Entangled Religions: Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of Religious Contact and Transfer (added 22 March 2014)
  83. Eruditio Antiqua: Revue électronique de l’érudition gréco-latine (added 23 December 2015)
  84. Esoterica: The Journal of Esoteric Studies
  85. Estudos de Religião
  86. Estudos Teológicos
  87. eTopoi: Journal for Ancient Studies
  88. Études Byzantines (after 1945: Revue des Études Byzantines)
  89. Études Ricoeuriennes / Ricoeur Studies
  90. Eugesta: Journal on Gender Studies in Antiquity (added 27 May 2016)
  91. European Journal of Theology (contents and some articles)
  92. Evangelical Quarterly
  93. Filología Neotestamentaria
  94. Foundations: An International Journal of Evangelical Theology (recent issues on this site) (added 16 March 2014)
  95. Global Journal of Classic Theology: An Online Journal of Evangelical Theology (added 22 March 2014)
  96. Glossolalia (a student journal based at Yale Divinity School)
  97. Göttinger Forum für Altertumswissenschaften
  98. Gouden Hoorn: Tijdschrift over Byzantium
  99. Grace Theological Journal
  100. Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies
  101. Hallesche Beiträge zur Orientwissenschaft
  102. Hapág: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Theological Research
  103. Harvard Divinity Bulletin
  104. Hebraic Political Studies [more theological than one might think at first]
  105. Hebrew Annual Review (added 11 March 2014)
  106. Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet
  107. Hervormde Teologiese Studies
  108. Hesperia
  109. Hinduism Today [popular magazine on contemporary Hinduism]
  110. Hiphil (URL updated 9 March 2014)
  111. HIPHIL Novum (added 9 March 2014)
  112. Hispania Sacra
  113. Historical Papers: Canadian Society of Church History (added 2 February 2016)
  114. Horizonte: Revista de Estudos de Teologia e Ciências da Religião
  115. Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies
  116. Ignaziana
  117. ‘Ilu: Revista de Ciencias de las Religiones
  118. In die Skriflig/In Luce Verbi
  119. Indian Journal of Theology
  120. Interdisciplinary Journal of Research in Religion
  121. International Bulletin of Missionary Research (added 16 March 2014)
  122. International Journal of Orthodox Theology (added 22 March 2014)
  123. Internet Archaeology
  124. IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science (some contributions in theology / religious studies)
  125. Ioudaios Review: book reviews
  126. ISIM Review: International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World
  127. Jahrbuch für Christliche Sozialwissenschaften (added 26 March 2014)
  128. Japanese Journal of Religious Studies
  129. Jewish Bible Quarterly
  130. Jewish Studies
  131. Journal for Christian Theological Research
  132. Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory
  133. Journal for Islamic Studies
  134. Journal for Late Antique Religion and Culture
  135. Journal for Semitics
  136. Journal for the Evangelical Study of the Old Testament (alternative site)
  137. Journal for the Renewal of Religion and Theology
  138. Journal for the Study of Religion
  139. Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies
  140. Journal of Analytic Theology (added 22 March 2014)
  141. Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies
  142. Journal of Baptist Studies (added 22 March 2014)
  143. Journal of Black Theology in South Africa
  144. Journal of Biblical Studies
  145. Journal of Childhood and Religion
  146. Journal of Christian Ministry (added 22 March 2014)
  147. Journal of Christian Theological Research
  148. Journal of Faith and Science Exchange
  149. Journal of Family and Community Ministries (added 22 March 2014)
  150. Journal of Global Buddhism
  151. Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism: current volume available online
  152. Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
  153. Journal of Inductive Biblical Studies (added 16 March 2014)
  154. Journal of Korean American Ministries & Theology
  155. Journal of Latin American Hermeneutics
  156. Journal of Lutheran Ethics
  157. Journal of Markets & Morality (added 3 April 2014)
  158. Journal of Men, Masculinities, and Spirituality (added 29 March 2014)
  159. Journal of Moral Theology
  160. Journal of Pastoral Counseling
  161. Journal of Pastoral Theology (added 22 March 2014)
  162. Journal of Postcolonial Theory and Theology
  163. Journal of Race, Ethnicity and Religion
  164. Journal of Religion and Film
  165. Journal of Religion and Popular Culture
  166. Journal of Religion and Society
  167. Journal of Religion and Theatre
  168. Journal of Religious Leadership
  169. Journal of Religious Culture
  170. Journal of Semitics
  171. Journal of Southern Religion: ’southern’ meaning southern USA
  172. Journal of Technology, Theology & Religion (added 22 March 2014)
  173. Journal of Textual Reasoning (formerly: Textual Reasoning)
  174. Journal of the Adventist Theological Society
  175. Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society
  176. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (alternative site)
  177. Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society
  178. Journal of the Interdisciplinary Study of Monotheistic Religions (added 7 June 2015)
  179. Journal of the Jesus Movement in its Jewish Setting (added 8 December 2014)
  180. Journal of Theology for Southern Africa: archive of contents with some free articles until 1999
  181. Journal of Translation [i.e., Bible translation] (added 24 February 2014)
  182. Journal of World Christianity
  183. Judaism: via
  184. JustSouth Quarterly (added 31 August 2015)
  185. Kairos: Evangelical Journal of Theology
  186. Karl Barth Society Newsletter
  187. Kerygma: Reviste de Teologia do UNASP (added 3 April 2014)
  188. Kerux: The Journal of Northwest Theological Seminary
  189. Koers: Bulletin for Christian Scholarship
  190. Laval Théologique et Philosophique
  191. Leaven: A Journal of Christian Ministry (added 20 March 2014)
  192. lectio difficilior
  193. Levantine Review: The Journal of Near Eastern and Mediterranean Studies at Boston College (added 22 March 2014)
  194. Liber Annuus
  195. Loccumer Pelikan
  196. Lutheran Theological Review
  197. Madang: International Journal of Contextual Theology in East Asia
  198. Mandrágora
  199. Marburg Journal of Religion
  200. Marginalia: a review of books in history, theology & religion (added 22 March 2014)
  201. McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry
  202. Medieval Jewish Studies Online
  203. Medieval Philosophy and Theology
  204. Melanesian Journal of Theology (alternative site)
  205. Melilah
  206. Methodist Review
  207. Mission Focus
  208. Missionalia (added 20 May 2016)
  209. Mitteilungen der deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft (added 1 June 2016)
  210. Mozaik
  211. Mythological Studies Journal
  212. Nederduitse Gereformeerde Teologiese Tydskrif
  213. Neotestamentica (content up to 2000)
  214. New Theology Review
  215. Nidān: International Journal for the Study of Hinduism
  216. Old Testament Essays
  217. Online Journal of Public Theology (a cross between a journal and an online forum) (added 10 March 2014)
  218. Open Theology (added 22 March 2014)
  219. Orientierung (added 22 February 2014)
  220. Pacifica
  221. PentecoStudies: Online Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Pentecostalism and Charismatic Movements
  222. Phronimon
  223. Practical Matters: a transdisciplinary multimedia journal of religious practices and practical theology (added 22 March 2014)
  224. Praxis: Newsletter of the WSCF-AP (added 1 June 2016)
  225. Princeton Seminary Bulletin (and its variously named predecessors)
  226. Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America (added 22 March 2014)
  227. Protestant Reformed Theological Journal
  228. Protokolle zur Bibel (added 24 July 2017)
  229. Quarterly Review
  230. Recherches de Science Religieuse
  231. Reflective Practice: Formation and Supervision in Ministry (added 22 March 2014)
  232. Reflections: A Magazine of Theological and Ethical Inquiry from Yale Divinity School (added 28 August 2015)
  233. Reformed World
  234. Relegere
  235. Religion & Gender
  236. Religions (added 22 March 2014)
  237. Restoration Quarterly
  238. Rethinking Mission (URL updated 5 November 2017)
  239. Review for Religious
  240. Review of Biblical Literature: this used to be a journal with reviews of books in biblical studies, but it is now simply a database of such reviews, with new reviews being added every week
  241. Reviews of the Enoch Seminar
  242. Revista Bíblica (de Argentina)
  243. Revista Catalana de Teologia
  244. Revista Ciências da Religião – História e Sociedade (added 3 June 2016)
  245. Revista de Estudos da Religiâo
  246. Revista de Interpretación Bíblica Latinoamericana
  247. Revista Electrónica Latinoamericana de Teología
  248. Revista Vértices (added 23 March 2015)
  249. Revue d’assyriologie et d’archéologie orientale
  250. Revue d’ Etudes Augustiniennes et Patristiques
  251. Revue d’histoire de l’Église de France
  252. Revue de l’histoire des religions ; also see
  253. Revue d’histoire et de Philosophie Religieuses
  254. Revue internationale des droits de l’antiquité
  255. Revue Numismatique
  256. Revue réformée
  257. Rheinisches Museum für Philologie
  258. Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion (URL updated 9 March 2014)
  259. Saint Anselm Journal
  260. SBL Forum (added 10 March 2014)
  261. Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology
  262. Scottish Episcopal Institute Journal (added 23 September 2018)
  263. Scrinium: Revue de patrologie, d’hagiographie critique et d’histoire ecclésiastique
  264. Scripta Instituti Donneriani Aboensis (updated 27 May 2015)
  265. Scriptura: International Journal of Bible, Religion and Theology in Southern Africa (updated 27 May 2015)
  266. Scripture (continued as Scripture Bulletin)
  267. SEDOS Bulletin (Service of Documentation and Study of Global Mission)
  268. Selecciones de teologia
  269. Seminary Ridge Review
  270. Solidarity: The Journal of Catholic Social Thought and Secular Ethics (added 22 March 2014)
  271. Soma: An International Journal of Theological Discourses and Counter-Discourses (added 15 March 2014)
  272. Southern Baptist Journal of Theology
  273. Southwestern Journal of Theology (added 22 March 2014)
  274. Stellenbosch Theological Journal (added 13 February 2016)
  275. Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae
  276. Studia Historica: Historia Antigua (added 22 March 2014)
  277. Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations
  278. Studies in Reformed Theology and History: (short) monographs on Reformed theology and history
  279. Studies in the Bible and Antiquity (added 16 July 2015)
  280. Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits (added 25 January 2015)
  281. Symposia: The Journal of the Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto (added 20 March 2014)
  282. TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism
  283. Teologia (added 28 February 2014)
  284. Teología y vida
  285. The Master’s Seminary Journal (added 22 march 2014)
  286. Themelios (recent issues on this site) (added 16 March 2014)
  287. Theologica Xaveriana
  288. Theological Librarianship
  289. Theological Studies
  290. theologie.geschichte: Zeitschrift für Theologie und Kulturgeschichte (added 18 March 2014)
  291. Theologies and Cultures
  292. Théologiques
  293. Theologisch-Praktische Quartalschrift
  294. Theologische Quartalschrift (or at this alternative site) (added 1 June 2016)
  295. Theologische Literaturzeitung (added 10 March 2014)
  296. Theology and Ministry
  297. Theology in Scotland
  298. Theology Today
  299. Theoweb: Zeitschrift für Religionspädagogik
  300. Trinity Journal
  301. Trinity Seminary Review
  302. Tyndale Bulletin; alternative site
  303. Verbum et Ecclesia
  304. Vox Evangelica
  305. The Way
  306. Veleia (added 22 March 2015)
  307. VOICES: Theological Journal of EATWOT, the Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians (added 15 April 2017)
  308. Wesleyan Theological Journal
  309. William Carey International Development Journal
  310. Women in Judaism
  311. Word & World
  312. Zeitschrift für Missionswissenschaft und Religionswissenschaft
  313. Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik
  314. Zwingliana

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