Bible: Translations

Top of the list

All-in-one: Bibles and translations (
Perhaps the best place to start. Links and direct access to multiple, good sites. Includes NRSV access via Crosswalk. By Mark Goodacre of Birmingham University.
Oremus Bible Browser (
Probably the only site with the Anglicized version of the NRSV. Straightforward search interface. Also links to the Psalter in both ASB and Common Worship forms. Part of the liturgical site,, by Steve Benner and Simon Kershaw.
“Versions” at the Tyndale House website (
Offers brief comments on 100 Bible versions, with samples.

Also very useful

NET Bible (
The NET Bible is a conservative-evangelical translation characterised by very extensive notes. A useful tool. You can buy the print version or download the electronic version, though the latter is always a year or so behind.
New American Bible (
Offers the complete text of the (US, Roman Catholic) New American Bible, including the helpful introductions to each ‘book’.
Bible Gateway (
Many Bible versions in English and many other languages, for searching and simple copy/paste operations. No NRSV though.
Online Parallel Bible (
Gateway to many Bible versions in English and some study tools. (
Many Bible versions, and more, but the site is hard to navigate. No NRSV.
BlueLetterBible (
Some Bible versions, and some useful study tools, but the site is not easy to navigate. No NRSV. (
This site offers a simple and straightforward search interface for the NRSV.
E-Canon (
Simple and straightforward access to the NRSV and a few other versions.
Online Bible (
Specialises in displaying the different versions of Bible verses parallel to each other, with added concordance function.
Unbound Bible (
The Unbound Bible Project at Biola University offers ten English versions (but not the NRSV) plus numerous other translations, as well as Greek and Hebrew texts. Also offers a free Bible programme for Palm OS, though PalmBible+ is no doubt better.
World Wide Study Bible (
Offers a variety of translations and related resources (eg. classic commentaries), including the NRSV.

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