Bible: NT

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New Testament Gateway (
Probably best site to date; many links to all matters relating to the Old Testament and the ANE.
Electronic New Testament Educational Resources (
Felix Just’s “ENTER” is a great colletion of texts, links, and images.
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies (
Torrey Seland’s great collection of links is, in spite of its name, mostly about the NT and its world.
New Testament Introduction (
Barry Smith’s site is almost like a textbook introduction to the NT. Basic introductory material.

Also very useful

New Testament weblinks (Harris, New Testament) ( 0767420314/student_view0/chapter1/chapter_outline.html)
Part of the McGrah-Hill publisher’s website, this site offers lots of links to relevant sites which you can use regardless of whether you liked the Harris NT introduction.
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Christian Origins ( ancient/asbook11.html)
A helpful collection of links.
K.C. Hanson’s Page (
Great collection of links for the NT and its world. Strong on social history / social science approaches.
Early Christian Writings (
Starting with the NT, it covers early Christianity up to Origen, focussing on English translations of primary texts.
e-Catena (
Part of the Early Christian Writings site, this page offers the ability to search the early church fathers (“Ante-Nicene Fathers”) for quotations of the New Testament.
“Into his own” (
Offers many short relevant passages from ancient writings relevant to the study of the gospels.
N.T. Wright Page (
Page dedicated to the well-known NT scholar N.T. Wright, now Anglican Bishop of Durham. Much useful material.
Five Gospel Parallels (
This is a synopsis of the four canonical gospels plus the Gospel of Thomas. Quite useful.
Synoptic Gospels Primer (
Introduces readers to the Synoptic Problem
Synoptic Problem Home Page (
Another good introduction to the synoptic problem. (
Jim Davila’s blog also offers links to useful sites (look at the column on the right).
Articles on Ancient History: Judaea (
So does this site, from an ancient historical perspective.
Diotima (
Materials for the study of women and gender in antiquity.
The Stoa Site (
Another good collection of links for the study of classical antiquity.
C.W. Conrad’s Homepage (
Links to classics-related sites.
Ancient History Encyclopedia (
As it says.

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