Philosophy & Religious Studies

Sources for Study of Religions (
Good meta-site with links to websites with information and texts from world faiths.
Wabash Center: Internet Guide: Religions (
Good collection of links to a wide range of religious studies websites.
Religious Studies co uk(
Website geared towards religious studies teaching at schools in the UK.
Religious Studies Web(
Similar focus: religious studies at A-level.
Internet for Religious Studies (
Guide to the use of the internet for religious studies – a general tutorial on the use of the web with specific reference to the field of religious studies.
Intute: Arts and Humanities: Religion and Theology (
Good meta-site with lots of links.
BUBL links for Religious Studies (
Can’t figure out what BUBL stands for (the website doesn’t say, I would appear!), but this is linked to the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. Links to Religious Studies websites.
BUBL links for Philosophy (
Links to philosophy websites.
Intute: Arts and Humanities: Philosophy (
Links to philosophy websites.
Episteme links (
Links to resources for philosophy (themes and people) on the web.
Philosophy links (
Dutch site with links to (mostly English language) websites on philosophy and philosophers.
Garth Kemerling’s Philosophy Pages (
Well… once again, lots of links.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (
Very good, free encyclopedia written by academics.
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (
Very good, free encyclopedia written by academics. Selection of topics a bit haphazard, but well worth looking at.

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