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Most of my early publications were written for scholars, that is, they assume specialist knowledge in the field.

1  Journal Articles (peer-reviewed)

The following papers appeared in journals that are, to my knowledge, peer-reviewed.

  • “Some Witnesses Have …”: The Representation of the New Testament Text in English Bible Versions. TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism 12 (2007), 1-18.
  • Philo and Female Homoeroticism: Philo’s Use of ΓΥΝΑΝΔΡΟΣ and Recent Work on Tribades. Journal for the Study of Judaism 30 (1999) 140-147.
  • ‘Pretty Boys’ in Philo’s De Vita Contemplativa. Studia Philonica Annual 10 (1998) 87-107.
  • Philo and the Presence of the Therapeutrides at Lake Mareotis. Neotestamentica 32 (1998) 191-201.
  • Human Sexuality, History, and Culture: Some Methodological Problems of Studying ‘Sexuality’ in the New Testament and its World. Scriptura 62 (1997) 335-361.
  • The Concept of Class and the Social-Scientific Interpretation of the New Testament: Some Observations on the Analysis of Pauline Christianity in the Context of the Society of the Early Roman Principate. Nederduitse Gereformeerde Teologiese Tydskrif 38 (1997) 70-84.
  • In Fear of Androgyny: Theological Reflections on Masculinity and Sexism, Male Homosexuality and Homophobia, Romans 1:24-27 and Hermeneutics (A Response to Alexander Venter). Journal of Theology for Southern Africa 93 (1995) 32-50.
  • Greek ‘Homosexuality’: Whither the Debate? Akroterion 39 (1994) 46-63. [co-author; with Michael Lambert]
  • What Did the ΣΚΗΝΟΠΟΙΟΣ Paul Produce? Neotestamentica 27 (1993) 391-402.

2 Journal Articles and Book Sections (not peer-reviewed)

  • Climate Change and God’s Created World in the Scriptures. (Forthcoming)
  • Social Justice and Social Analysis: Foundations in the Scriptures. (Forthcoming)
  • A Church-State Covenant on the Environment? Pacific Journal of Theology 44 (2010) 30-56.
  • Who Knows? Wikipedia, Teaching and Research. SBL Forum 4 (9).
  • Representing ‘the Text’ in Pacific Bible Translations. Pacific Journal of Theology 26 (2001) 21-54.
  • [Three encyclopaedia entries on St Paul; Josephus Flavius; and Philo of Alexandria.] In: Haggerty, G E (ed) 2000. Gay Histories and Cultures: An Encyclopedia. New York: Garland.
  • Der Inselstaat ist tief gespalten. Der Überblick: Zeitschrift für Ökumenische Begegnung und Internationale Zusammenarbeit 36 (3/2000): 80-85. [co-author; with Manfred Ernst]
  • The Essentialist – Social Constructionist Debate and Biblical Research. In: De Gruchy, S & Germond, P (eds) 1997. Aliens in the Household of God: Homosexuality and Christian Faith in South Africa. Cape Town: David Philip. 270-94.

3 Dissertations / Theses

N.B.: After a merger, the former University of Natal is now known as the University of KwaZulu-Natal. The department I studied in was known variously as the Department of Theological Studies, the School of Theology, and now the School of Religion and Theology (SORAT).

  • New Testament exegesis and sociology: a critique of Gerd Theissen’s ‘Sociology of early Palestinian Christianity’. BA(Hons) dissertation. University of Natal. Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. (November 1989). 61pp.
  • The Apostle Paul and His Community in Corinth: A Study in Selected Issues of Socio-Economic Context and Practice. MA thesis, University of Natal (January 1992). Internal examiner: Prof. J.A. Draper (University of Natal); external examiner: Prof. C.A. Wanamaker (University of Cape Town). 294pp.
  • Sexual Desire, ‘Deviant Behaviour’, and Moral Discourse in the Writings of Paul and Philo: An Historical-Exegetical Study of the Moral Problematisation of Sexual Desire and Behaviour in First-Century Hellenistic Judaism and Christianity, With Special Reference to the Work of Michel Foucault. PhD dissertation, University of Natal (August 1998). Supervisor and internal examiner: Prof. J.A. Draper (University of Natal); external examiners: Prof. L.W. Countryman (CDSP, Berkeley, USA), Prof. S.E. Fowl (Loyola College in Maryland, Baltimore, USA). 364pp.

4 Electronic Book (self-published)

  • Computer Skills for Theology and Ministry (v. 2.2, October 2009). Free electronic book (111pp.), available at

5  Electronic Resources

  • Associate Editor, New Testament Gateway:
  • Online resources for Biblical hermeneutics: (Internet site which offers links to more than 250 online texts) [ongoing since April 2003]
  • Biblical Studies Support Disk (2003-2009): CD-ROM compilation with numerous freeware and shareware programmes for Biblical work; e.g. Bible software, Bible atlas, general software.

6 Book Reviews

  • Review of Daring, trusting spirit: Bonhoeffer’s friend, Eberhard Bethge by John de Gruchy. Political Theology 8.4 (2008) 510-513.
  • Silently farting in the face of the empire. Political Theology 7.1 (2006), 101-108.
  • Review of Contemporary Biblical Hermeneutics: An Introduction by Manfred Oeming. Neotestamentica 40.2 (2006), 431-434.
  • Review of Worlds of Memory and Wisdom: Encounters of Jews and African Christians, ed. Jean Halpérin & Hans Ucko. Theology 109.851 (2006) 375-376.
  • Review of e-Sword for Windows. Bible Software Review (2005).
  • Palm Bible+: A Review. Bible Software Review (2004).
  • Review of Paul and Empire by Richard A. Horsley. Theologia Viatorum: Journal of Theology and Religion in Africa 24 (1997) 67-71.

7 Other Writings

  • BibleWorks 4.0: A Short Introduction. (2001) Unpublished manual, Pacific Theological College.
  • A General Introduction to the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (The TLG_E CD-ROM at PTC). Unpublished manual, Pacific Theological College (2001).
  • As Fiji’s Crisis Continues, Churches Express Doubts about Coup Leaders. Ecumenical News International No. 00-0246 (19/06/00).
  • Two Weeks into Crisis, Fiji’s Churches Struggle with Its Implications. Ecumenical News International No.00-0212 (02/06/00) [with Felicity Szesnat]
  • Churches Distance Themselves from Attempted Coup in Fiji. Ecumenical News International No.00-0201 (22/05/00). [with Felicity Szesnat]

8  Conference Papers & Other Presentations

  • Social Justice and Social Analysis. One (of two) facilitators and speakers at a series of three-day workshops for the Anglican Diocese of Polynesia, Tikanga Pasifika, for clergy and lay people: 1-3 August 2011 (Suva, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands); 13-15 December 2011 (Labasa, Vanua Levu, Fiji Islands).
  • Learning and Teaching Mission. Workshop session at the Viwa Mission Conference, Viwa Island, Fiji (April 2010).
  • Social Analysis in the Scriptures and Social Analysis in the History of Christianity; two workshop sessions at a Social Analysis workshop in Suva, Fiji (May 2010).
  • The Things That Can Happen When We Read Parables in Their Full Gospel Context; Or: An Extraordinary Μετάνοια Requires a Sobering Story, Not a Parable (Lk 19:1-28). Paper given at the Theological Café, School of Religion and Theology, Pietermaritzburg, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa (February 2009) and at the Annual Meeting of the Peterborough Project students, Peterborough, UK (July 2009).
  • Covenant, Creation and Crisis: Theological Discussion Paper for the Pacific Council of Churches’ Research Project STP402, “Church – State Covenant on the Environment” (Suva, Fiji Islands, November 2008).
  • Theological Education in a non-residential key. Paper for a meeting of the staff and students of the Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa (February 2009).
  • Exegesis and Hermeneutics in the Bible and Sexuality Conundrum. Invited Paper, Peterborough Theological Society, 28 November 2007.
  • Ausbildung, Ordination & Amt in der Church of England (insbesondere ‘non-stipendiary ministry’). Invited paper at the annual meeting of the Internationale Konfererenz der Predigerseminare (Stuttgart, 31/03/05).
  • Taking the Bible seriously in the sexuality debate [talk at various meetings in East Anglia, 2004]
  • Recent developments in New Testament scholarship (day-long course for Methodist local preachers in East Anglia, focussing on narrative and social-scientific criticism as exegetical tools; November 2003)
  • Contextual Bible Study (Workshop presentation, Network East Anglia, April 2002)
  • Talking about ‘Sex in Those Days’: Michel Foucault and the Debate about an Ancient ‘History of Sexuality’. Invited public lecture hosted by the Dept. of History, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand (05/05/00).
  • Sex and Scripture in the Ecumenical Encounter (or: Reflections on the Pain of Real Ecumenical Relationships). Invited talk at the ‘Wednesday Forum’ of the School of Ministry, Knox College, Dunedin, New Zealand (03/05/00).
  • Textual Criticism and the Publication of Bible Translations. Bible Translation Section, Annual Meeting, Society for Biblical Literature, Boston, USA (21/11/99), & Fiji Biblical Studies Society Meeting, Suva, Fiji (17/07/99).
  • St.Paul and Homosexuality: Romans 1 and the ‘Nature’ Issue. College talk at Queen’s Theological College, Birmingham, UK (04/12/97).
  • Pretty Boys, Female Disease and Aged Virgins in De Vita Contemplativa: Some Aspects of a Philonic Chapter in a History of ‘Sexuality’. Philo of Alexandria Group, Annual Meeting, Society of Biblical Literature, San Francisco, USA (24/11/97).
  • Methodological Reflections on the Study of ‘Sexuality’ in the World of the New Testament. Annual Congress, New Testament Society of South Africa, Stellenbosch (04/03/97).
  • ΦΥΣΙΣ in Rom 1:26-27 and 1 Cor 11:14-15: Paul’s ‘Argument from Nature’ and its (Mis-) Use in the Contemporary Theological Debate on Human Sexuality. Annual Congress, New Testament Society of South Africa, Pretoria (12/04/96).
  • Philo of Alexandria and Michel Foucault’s History of Sexuality. Annual Congress, New Testament Society of South Africa, Hekpoort, South Africa (31/03/94).
  • The Concept of ‘Class’ and the Society of the Early Roman Empire. Roman Studies Conference, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa (08/07/92).