Academic Skills

This page provides some information on skills for the study of theology at university level.

At present, there is only a rather dry ‘referencing guide‘ (PDF; January 2012) I wrote for the Pacific Theological College (PTC).

A couple of years ago I also wrote a booklet of some 111pp. on Computer Skills for Theology and Ministry, the last version of which (2.2, October 2009) is available at

Later in 2012, I hope to add some work I am doing in academic skills teaching at PTC.

Meanwhile, some links to useful software tools for research from the open source community (all free and absolutely legal):

  • Libre Office: full ‘office’ suite, including excellent word-processing software that eliminates the need to buy Microsoft Office.
  • Zotero: bibliographic database
  • Firefox: browser
  • Thunderbird: email software
  • Ubuntu is an operating system (OS) replacement for, or as a parallel boot option together with Microsoft Windows (if that is already installed). Not for the completely inexperienced, but it certainly works for me. An extraordinary achievement: faster (especially with lightweight desktop replacements like LXDE), more responsive, and (if that is important) aesthetically more pleasing than Microsoft OS products. I love it!