The World (1)

Karl Barth is said to have called Christians to “read the Bible in one hand, and the newspaper in the other“. The mainstream media is, however, not enough (see, for instance, Chomsky / Herman). Here are some links to go beyond the usual sites of the BBC, The Guardian, and so on – in no particular order.

Divergences 2
International libertarian review
Independent Media
Democracy Now
Independent radio / tv
Links to news from all over the globe, promoting human rights awareness and fighting poverty worldwide
Global activists
As it says…
Useful texts and links from a leftwing perspective
International antimilitarist magazine
War Resister’s International
War Resisters’ International
‘Public interest’ journalism
Amnesty International
Campaign against Arms Trade
Peace Pledge Union
Trade Justice Movement.
United Nations
Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and more
Looking after some of the basics
Human Rights Watch
links and texts
Center for Constitutional Rights
Law firm in New York with news on ‘public interest cases’
PDX Justice Media Productions
Excellent links to free videos on issues of social justice
Anarchism Today
Good collection of links; forum; etc.
Anarcho-Syndicalism 101
Another good collection of links; forum; etc.
Academic forum for anarchist studies
Third World Traveler
An archive of articles and book excerpts

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